About Us


Cariad is Welsh for love and love is woven throughout everything we do with dogs and seemed the perfect name for us.

We started Cariad in 2018 after studying with a dog training organisation. But what started us on that journey? We wanted to work with animals for as long as we can remember but life gets in the way! Then along come Kev and Steve, littermate terriers with a whole host of quirks, who turned our world upside down! Kev and Steve were our first dogs as adults away from the family home - and trust us, we made the same mistakes all first time dog guardians make.

Kev and Steve both grew into fairly worried and anxious dogs who struggled to switch off and we struggled to find the right help for us. So this led us down the path to learning more, and eventually becoming an accredited trainer, in order to help our dogs overcome their fears and become calm, happy dogs. We also began our mission to help dogs and guardians who found themselves in the same position we did all those years ago.

We’ve worked with many trainers and charities and studied many different facets of the dog training world - from scentwork and tracking, tricks and hoopers to agility and competitive obedience (and train and compete both Kev and Steve in many of these), being IMDT accredited, a Canine Hoopers World Instructor and a UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor, as well as learning about more behaviour specialities and a whole lot more in between! This led us to the area in dog training that we find truly rewarding.

These days, we specialise in creating calm, content, confident dogs and guardians through our unique Mindfulness With Dogs course, our Calmness Protocol, Freework, Confidence Building, T-Touch and much more! We also offer exclusively one to one training walks for those extra special dogs. We understand how hard it is to find a dog walker with sufficient knowledge of dogs to help those special dogs.

We recently wrote and presented an introduction into Mindfulness With Dogs for well renowned education provider Canine Principles.

We regularly attend workshops, courses and seminars to expand and keep our knowledge up to date as well as attending sports clubs with Kev and Steve!

Our Qualificatons


Jodie is an IMDT Qualified Trainer and Canine Hoopers World Instructor. She keeps her knowledge up to date and works with some of the top trainers across Wales and West.

She also studies with School of Canine Science, Canine Arthritis Management, Canine Principles and Animal Centered Education.

Our Services

At Cariad Dog Training our focus is to help your dog in the real world and all the surprises it can bring. We especially have a wealth of experience with small, fiery dogs.

We offer one to ones, consultations and training walks.

Terms & Conditions

Full payment must be sent via bank account transfer upon confirmation of your first appointment as in the diary.

You have 48 hours from confirmation of your first appointment as in the diary to transfer the full payment for your package. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is sent within this time frame. If payment is not received in this time frame, your appointments are considered cancelled, and you will have to restart the booking process.

Payment plans are not offered.

Cancellations, Rescheduling & Refunds

Your trainer may cancel in the event of inclement weather where safety is compromised (such as wet grass producing a slip risk and heat over 25 degrees). Unless your trainer contacts you to reschedule your session please assume that your session is going ahead.

According to the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 you have a legal right to change your mind about any service your purchase with Cariad Dog Training within 14 days of purchasing. Cancellation of services after this 14 day period are subject to the full fees being retained unless your chosen appointments can be filled. If you fail to attend any sessions you will not be refunded.

Trainers will contact you if they are going to be late for a session. Any time missed will be made up in that session or in a subsequent session as appropriate.

If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late with no communication to your trainer regarding this, you will be considered a no-show and will have therefore cancelled without any refund due. Trainers do not need to wait for more than 15 minutes after the agreed upon start time of the session.

Extenuating circumstances will apply to all of the above cancellation policies on a case by case basis.

Cariad Dog Training has a 31-day period to process refunds.

Refunds will incur a £20 administration fee.

In the event of a pandemic, current clients booked in will not be offered refunds for outstanding sessions due. Clients will be offered either a delay of services until they can resume as they were when booked or online alternatives.

In the event that you need to cancel last minute, please do not call as instructors are often teaching for a number of hours in a row which may interrupt the flow of another service, an email to is sufficient, please include your name, your dog’s name and the time of your appointment in this email.

All cancellation and refund requests must be made via email to

Control of Dogs & Suitability

Dogs will not be accepted for behavioural 121 training without veterinary referral. It is highly recommended that dogs attending 121 training for non-behavioural concerns are checked by a veterinarian prior to training commencing.

Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Please do not allow your dog off lead unless explicitly told to do so by your trainer.

Handlers must clean up after their dog. If you are caught short without a poo bag, please inform your instructor immediately.

You may not knowingly book a dog that is aggressive, or highly reactive, to other dogs or people into any of our services without disclosing this to your trainer. In the event that it is discovered that you did knowingly book an aggressive or highly reactive dog into any of our services, you may be asked to leave without offer of a refund. If you know your dog is highly aggressive or are unsure whether your dog qualifies as aggressive or highly reactive, please disclose this and we will discuss and advise the most appropriate service for your needs.

In the event that a trainer believes your dog is uncomfortable with the service they have been booked in for, an alternative that is more suitable for your dog will be offered. Any money paid will be placed towards this alternative service. If you knew your dog was nervous or uncomfortable in the context you’ve booked them in for and did not disclose this prior to booking, this clause is void.


Students must bring their dog on their usual walking equipment and food to train the dog with to each session. If you routinely use different kinds of leads such as long lines, flexi leads, short leads, etc. please bring these.

Code of Ethics

All training methods used will be science based, following the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) protocol with Susan Friedman’s Humane Hierarchy applying at every stage. Syllabi will be updated at the very least on a yearly basis to ensure that the methods utilised are up to date and bring the most modern techniques to our clients.

At no point will trainers recommend the use of any equipment that causes pain in order to work.

If trainers have any concerns about the goals that a client wants to achieve, these will be discussed prior to any training commencing to ensure that all parties are happy with the proposed training plan.

Trainers commit to working within their remit and will refer clients on to a more suitable practitioner if they believe a case to be outside of their remit.

All training plans will be created with the convenience of the client in mind. Each stage will be confirmed with clients to ensure that it is suitable for the client’s lifestyle and is something the client is able to carry out.

The welfare of animals being worked comes first and will be the focus of every element in training plans.

No client will be judged for their decisions. Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge they have, and it is not the place of Cariad Dog Training employees to pass judgement on any methods or purchasing decisions that clients have made prior to starting work with Cariad Dog Training.

Any extreme concern about the welfare of an animal(s) will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Employees of Cariad Dog Training will commit to a rigorous continued professional development regime, totalling at least 120 hours a year and including both theory and practical elements.

Clients will be welcome and comfortable at every turn. No party will make another feel unwelcome or prejudiced against.

Any party who is prejudiced against other groups, especially marginalised groups is not welcome to use the services offered by Cariad DogTraining.

The privacy of clients will be respected at all turns.

Contact Us

Any questions? Would you like a consultation? Give us a call on 07773 578983, email us or simply fill out the contact form below and we'll call you as soon as we can.