About Us


Cariad is Welsh for love and love is woven throughout everything we do with dogs and seemed the perfect name for us.

We started Cariad in 2018 after studying with a dog training organisation. But what started us on that journey? We wanted to work with animals for as long as we can remember but life gets in the way! Then along come Kev and Steve, littermate terriers with a whole host of quirks, who turned our world upside down! Kev and Steve were our first dogs as adults away from the family home - and trust us, we made the same mistakes all first time dog guardians make. Kev and Steve both grew into fairly worried and anxious dogs who struggled to switch off and we struggled to find the right help for us. So this led us down the path to learning more, and eventually becoming an accredited trainer, in order to help our dogs overcome their fears and become calm, happy dogs. We also began our mission to help dogs and guardians who found themselves in the same position we did all those years ago.

We’ve worked with many trainers and charities and studied many different facets of the dog training world - from scentwork and tracking, tricks and hoopers to agility and competitive obedience (and train and compete both Kev and Steve in many of these), being IMDT accredited, a Canine Hoopers World Instructor and a UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor, as well as learning about more behaviour specialities and a whole lot more in between! This led us to the area in dog training that we find truly rewarding.

These days, we specialise in creating calm, content, confident dogs and guardians through our unique Mindfulness With Dogs course, our Calmness Protocol, Freework, Confidence Building, T-Touch and much more! We also offer exclusively one to one training walks for those extra special dogs. We understand how hard it is to find a dog walker with sufficient knowledge of dogs to help those special dogs.

We recently wrote and presented an introduction into Mindfulness With Dogs for well renowned education provider Canine Principles.

We regularly attend workshops, courses and seminars to expand and keep our knowledge up to date as well as attending sports clubs with Kev and Steve!

Our Qualificatons


Jodie is an IMDT Qualified Trainer and Pet First Aid Trained as well as fully insured. She regularly attends regular lectures, seminars and workshops to expand and keep her knowledge up to date and works with some of the top trainers in South Wales.

She is also a UK Sniffer Dog Instructor, Canine Hoopers World Instructor, Canine Principles Certified and is currently studying with Animal Centered Education.

Our Services

At Cariad Dog Training our focus is to help your dog in the real world and all the surprises it can bring. We especially have a wealth of experience with small, fiery dogs.

We offer one to ones, consultations and training walks.

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Any questions? Would you like a consultation? Give us a call on 07773 578983, email us or simply fill out the contact form below and we'll call you as soon as we can.