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Below are just some of the services that we offer.

One To Ones

These can cover a whole range of undesirable behaviours from puppies to pulling on the lead to reactivity! We specialise in confidence and calmness building for nervous and anxious dogs.

Training Walks

We will take your dog out for a relaxing, exclusively one to one walk whilst working on whatever behaviour they are struggling with in a kind and effective training manner and provide you with updates.

Mindfulness With Dogs One To Ones and Workshops

Following on from our successful online course, we will now be offering Mindfulness One To Ones and workshops in the near future!

Calmness Protocol

Want to know the secret to helping your dog calm themselves? Then this is the workshop for you! A short workshop including a box of goodies to help your dog learn the joy of calm.


Freework is a fabulous technique founded by Sarah Fisher of ACE. In these sessions, we help stressed, hyperactive or anxious dogs unwind, build confidence and relax.

Scentwork One To Ones

Would you like to train your dog to be a scent detective? Then this is the option for you! We cover from scent imprint to searches and include a starter scent kit!

Hoopers One to Ones

Hoopers is the perfect activity for all dogs! Imagine agility without the impact, meaning that every dog from puppy to senior can do it!


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